What is a Drone?
What is a Drone?

When Did Drone History Meet With Drone? Drone Usage Areas,

Drone literally means drones in English, and today it is called "unmanned aerial vehicle". Drone called vehicles, which are called unmanned aerial vehicles, are used in many areas and with the successful results obtained, it seems to be used in many areas of our lives in the future. These widely used vehicles, called Yuneec and DJI Phantom, operate by utilizing wi-fi technology and can shoot in the air within the time allowed by the battery life by rising to a certain height and can transmit live images below.

Drone History

Drone History

Nikola Tesla was the first to receive a control patent for unmanned vehicles in 1898. When we come to 1922, Dr. Georg de Bothezat and Ivan Jerome unveiled the first manned drone model, which they named "De Bothezat Helicopter".

Developed by the British in 1930 and controlled by radio, Queen Bee is one of the important steps in the start of today's drone technology. Developed by the British Royal Navy and produced for pilot training and target work, Queen Bee is one of the closest examples of drones today.

In 1939, Radioplane OQ-2, developed by the United States, took its place in history as the first unmanned aerial vehicle that can be controlled with a remote control. (As an added bonus, Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe was working as a technician in the Radioplane OQ-2 arsenal in 1945 before becoming famous.)

Parrot, one of the most important drone developers and manufacturers, was founded in 1994. In 1995, the MQ-1 Predator, the first modern unmanned aerial vehicle, was developed in partnership with General Atomics and the Pentagon. In 2006, DJI, an important company in drone production, was established.

Drone technology, which has developed considerably with technological developments and R&D studies, now serves people in many areas.

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