What is a start-stop? How does it affect fuel consumption? We searched for the answer to the question for you.

What is a start-stop?

One of the beneficial inventions of nature-friendly technology is the Start-Stop system. It is a technology that enables the engine of your vehicle to be stopped automatically in heavy traffic or waiting time at traffic lights, and when it moves, it is activated and restarted.

What is the start-stop asked about this technological product? How does it affect fuel consumption? What should be known in the question is to reduce the energy that the engine will spend while running at idle. In this way, fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions are reduced. The Start-Stop system, which is considered to be beneficial both economically and environmentally, is suitable for use in all vehicles, regardless of manual or automatic gear.

Does the Start-Stop System Provide Fuel Savings?

Does the Start-Stop System Provide Fuel Savings?

Automotive companies that make use of smart systems to reduce the impact of motor vehicles on environmental pollution, the Start-Stop system, which increases air quality and increases efficiency, is planned to be used in all vehicle groups over time. The system, which was produced to reduce unnecessary air and noise pollution caused by an idling vehicle and to save fuel, also provides protection to your vehicle's engine parts.


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