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Brain changes with cognitive behavioral therapy

Brain changes with cognitive behavioral therapy

Merve Öz describes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the following words: "Cognitive behavioral therapy is a method of psychotherapy. We aim to identify the behaviors and thoughts that prevent people from losing weight and cause them to regain weight after losing weight, and to replace them with healthy and functional behaviors and thoughts. We apply 5 sessions of behavioral therapy, 5 sessions of cognitive therapy. Then our controls continue. "

Those who lose weight keep their weight

Drawing attention to the positive results of the therapy, Merve Öz shared the information she obtained in the comparison she made between the two weight loss groups:

 "I divided my patients into two groups with equal gender, age and body mass index. I applied nutritional training to one of the groups, and cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to nutrition education to the other. When I compared these two groups at the end of 8 sessions, I observed weight loss in both. However, nutrition. When the scales applied in the first and last session were compared in the group that received cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to their education, "emotional eating" decreased, "mindful eating" increased. I did not observe such a result in the group that only received nutrition training. On the other hand, those in the cognitive behavioral therapy group are still maintaining their weight. "


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