lose weight

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

"Cognitive Behavioral Therapy", which combines healthy nutrition and psychological therapy to lose weight, not only loses excess weight, but also loses weight more easily.

Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Turkey in applying this method is one of the few experts Merve Oz and Clinical Psychology experts in both nutrition carries a first in Turkey to be a nutritionist.  

Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital expert Merve Öz says, "The method aims to change the brain. People learn to create plates without sticking to any food list." Merve Öz, who has two different specialties, said, "Actually, there is a simple equation. If the calories we take are more than the calories we consume, we will gain weight. At this point, the brain is very effective, the problem is not in the stomach. The brain triggers weight gain. Therefore, while losing weight, it is necessary to change the brain. "It is necessary to focus on the thinking and behaviors that sabotage them and replace them with healthier ones."


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