The operating system of the hybrid car, the most famous of recent times, has begun to be wondered by everyone.

Working of hybrid cars and its components

With the development of technology, a great deal of developments have occurred in the automotive industry and the operating system of the hybrid automobile, which is the most famous of recent times, has started to be wondered by everyone. In order to prevent exhaust emission values ​​and environmental pollution caused by vehicles, 'hybrid vehicles' have been developed. Hybrid cars, which will get ahead of fossil fuel vehicles, were welcomed by many people.

What is Hybrid Automobile?

What is Hybrid Automobile?

Hybrid cars on the territory of Turkey 'hybrid car' is defined as. Hybrid cars were introduced to car enthusiasts as hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles; It has both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. In short, these vehicles have two engines. For this reason, hybrid vehicles are called hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid cars, which contain two different engines, are of great importance for environmental health. Hybrid cars do not degrade performance and operate with an extremely high performance. As the driver waits at traffic lights or moves slowly in congested traffic, the motors distribute tasks among themselves. A vehicle with 50 km / h moves with the electric motor and when its speed increases, it switches to a gasoline engine. This improves the performance of the vehicle and provides the best fuel economy.


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