21 Unknown Facts About Men.

We searched for you 21 Unknown Facts About Men.

We searched for you 21 Unknown Facts About Men.

Men have features unknown to women. It is possible to find many different information about men. However, there are mainly 20 facts about men that are unknown. 20 unknown facts about men will help you get to know and understand the men around you better. If you want to understand the main reasons for the behavior of your father, lover or brother, we definitely recommend that you read this information.

Every Man Is Like His Father

Men begin to observe their fathers as role models from an early age. Although they say that they do not want to be like their fathers, men actually behave like their fathers in their lives. This behavior from childhood continues to be repeated, whether noticed by the man or not.

Men Fall in Love with Women Who Look Like Their Mothers

Men turn to women who resemble their mothers in choosing a partner. Although they enjoy spending time or having fun with women who are not like their mothers in their lives, they have a weakness for women who resemble their mothers in their long-term selection of partners.

Men are Suicidal

When we look at the researches and the average suicide statistics around the world, it turns out that men have a higher suicidal tendency than women.

Men Don't Accept Their Psychological Problems

Men do not admit that they have psychological problems such as anger problems, nervous breakdowns, and depression. They struggle with problems by reflecting the problems they attach to their characters to their daily lives. This situation negatively affects their lives.

Men Get Away From Training Faster

Men prefer to stay in formal education less than women. Men who find it more attractive to start the profession are moving away from education.

Men Love to Have

Men love things that belong to them. Men who own a home, car and job of their own are more confident and happy.

Men Love Attention

Men love to be taken care of. Attention and consideration make them feel more peaceful.

Men Like to Dress Beautifully

Men want to both make themselves look nice and be liked by women. That's why men like to dress beautifully. Wearing matching clothes makes them proud.

Men Care About Sexuality

Men attach more importance to sexuality than women. Their sexual life hinders their daily life. Men who are satisfied in their sexual life feel more joyful than outside.

Men Love to Drive

Driving is a very enjoyable job for men. Men who feel more free and safe while driving love to drive.

Men Have Competitive Spirit

For men, every area of ​​life is in competition. They cannot suppress their competitive spirits while playing games, in business life and relationships.

Men Miss Their Family

Men miss their comfort in the family home. He wants to feel the attention of his parents from time to time.

Men Like To Be Simple

Men prefer to be clear and simple. Confusion tires them. Indirect thoughts, different alternatives make things difficult.

Men Want to be Free

Men always want to be free. Being restrained suffocates them.

Men Want Honesty

Men cannot stand a lie. They expect honesty from everyone around them.

Men Seek Silence

Men seek silence from time to time. Being in quiet environments relaxes them.

Men Are Off To Criticism

Being criticized hurts men's pride so they feel unsuccessful.

Men Enjoy Making Happiness

Men especially enjoy making women happy. To be happy gives pleasure by satisfying them.

Men Are Affected By Perfumes

Men are particularly attracted to fragrant perfumes that appeal to them. The pleasant fragrance in women attracts men.

Men Love to Eat

Men love to eat in all stages of their lives from an early age. Especially they have more cravings for home cooking.


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