Social media and internet usage, which is the biggest problem of our day, makes things easier and more difficult.

Even if it is a sociologically dangerous situation for children and parents to navigate the internet and use social media actively, it has also become an ideal environment for traps and is widely used by harmful individuals. Is it abnormal for families to easily give their children a phone and open accounts on their behalf?

Time Restriction

Time Restriction

It is dangerous to give children phones, tablets and computers and leave them alone, as much as it is dangerous to take technology from them. For this reason, it is true that children should neither be removed from technology nor leave them completely alone by following a conscious parental rule. To the advantage of spending quality time with the child, it is very important to know the family first and spend more time with the child instead of spending more time on other tasks.

It Must Have Time for the Second Child

An absolutely correct time is required for the second or third child. The intense attention given to the first child should not be withdrawn from the other siblings in a timeless way, and the child should not be oppressed under the time occupations that will cause negative use of the internet such as social media.

Don't get busy with toys and cartoons

Cartoons and toys should not be a reason for children to linger either, although the use of social media is a constant source of discussion. So what is left for the child? It is important to paint and play with him, to tell things, to tell stories, in short, to constantly communicate.

Just like social media, it has been determined that cartoons and toys make the imagination of the child monotonous after a while, therefore, the child should not be treated like an adult and should not be taken lightly and left in front of the screen, a sense of responsibility should be instilled and social communication should be strengthened.


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