Companies favor NFC-enabled smart business cards for 15 distinct reasons.
Companies favor NFC-enabled smart business cards for 15 distinct reasons.
More and more companies are enquiring about NFC Smart business cards. They represent an attractive solution for companies that strive for innovative solutions, follow trends, want to set a good example and introduce smart new environmentally sustainable solutions in their business and corporate communication.

The benefits of NFC business cards for a company include:

  • QR code & NFC technology - no app required, works on all smart phones; Android and iOS.

  • Up-to-date content - information in your AdSigner Smart business card can be updated and edited at the touch of a button. With AdSigner Smart business card your business contact details will be always up to date and professionally presented.

  • Centrally Manage System - all data on your NFC smart business cards can be managed in one place.

  • Environmentally Sustainable - no need for reprinting or storing a pack of paper business cards wherever you go.

  • Saves Money - the same card can be reused by a new person joining your company.

  • Saves Time - instant data transfer from the card to a smart device. You simply hold it within the range of the NFC-enabled smartphone and the information is captured by the device.

  • Increase Profitability - track and effectively follow up on new connections. New contacts are not lost or forgotten; Easily follow up with updated contacts to grow your business.

  • Great First Impression - having innovative smart business cards tells a lot about your company; it shows that your company is introducing new smart solutions and following new trends on the market.

  • Reduces Resource Wastage - The regular business cards are made of paper and hence less durable. When they get damaged or become old, you have to throw them away and reprint them. However, NFC business cards are made from durable materials and appeal to customers more than regular paper cards. Therefore, you save the resources needed to reprint paper cards.

  • Increase Your Brand Awareness - NFC business cards can be used to promote your business, brand and personal information and to engage with new customers. By adding a URL Web Address to your NFC business card, you can give potential customers instant access to your website or online store.

  • Stand Out from your Competition - stand out in a stylish, impressive and unique way to promote your business, and personal brand.

  • Be Eco-Friendly - environmentally friendly, sustainable, and reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for traditional paper products. Contribute to protecting the environment.

  • Boost Networking and Approach more Clients - it was never as easy to share your contact information and grow your contact base as with NFC smart business cards.

  • Analytic - Track and analyse the effect of your smart business cards. Follow trends and see how many new connections your organisation has generated according to certain individuals and departments.

  • Generate Leads - Easily discover who has scanned/tapped your smart business card so you can follow up, generate new leads and initiate new business opportunities.

Create your new NFC Smart business cards. For companies that want to significantly improve digital branding, networking and to approach more clients in an environmentally sustainable, trendy and effective manner.


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