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Technology is improving every day. We have researched the development of Caloborative Artificial Intelligence for Human-Machine Collaboration for you.

Technology is developing more and more every day. There are some technology companies that are taking the lead in technology and artificial intelligence. One of them is MEC (Mitsubishi Electiric Corporation). MEC recently announced that it is developing collaborative artificial intelligence (AI) for human-machine collaboration using reverse reinforcement learning management (IRL), which can learn and imitate workers' movement.

Description of Mitsubishi Electiric Corporation

Description of Mitsubishi Electiric Corporation

According to the company's statement, Mitsubishi Electiric Maisart, one of the key features in artificial intelligence technology, IRL, making machines that can simulate human movements with less data usage. The new AI (Collaborative Artificial Intelligence Technology) will be made more effective with the planned test studies on AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) and robots within the distribution facilities where machines and people work together. It is expected that the aforementioned technology will also be used in autonomous cars and other applications that can progress without drivers.


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